Digital product design, development and strategy

Our multidisciplinary team works side-by-side with companies who want to innovate their services and processes by involving digital solutions. By creating or optimizing websites, systems and applications we improve the relationships between humans, technology and digital businesses.

Our Digital Marketing experts not only create appropriate online content for your companies social media channels, but also help to improve your current position in important search engines by using various SEO tools and Digital Strategies.

Keywords, SEO and strategic content

We create strategic content for your website, based on the most relevant keywords using OnPage as well as OffPage SEO techniques. Using the right keywords will help a lot to improve any kind of SEO activity and therefore your websites position in global search engines.

Social Media & E-mail Marketing

To round your digital marketing strategy off, we use several social media channels as well as e-mail marketing campaigns to build an ideal communication to your clients. We use to create social media content such as blog posts or facebook posts based on relevant keywords. Regular analysis will support the improvement of future campaigns.

Metrics, Analytics and Business Intelligence

We track the users journey on your website and analyze it. Based on the gained information, such as CTR (Click Through Rate) or Bounce Rate, we are able to build strategies to improve the users experience and personal interaction with your website.

Intranets, CRM and ERP

We are experts in developing systems to organize processes, automate services and boost digital business. By using agile methods of development, service design, optimization and performance of digital processes we offer software development for any kind of purpose, such as ERP, CRM, Intranets, digital products and online platforms for Start-Ups.

Inbound Marketing

We create efficient strategies including a variety of marketing activities to win new clients for your business. Based on regular analysis we are able to identify the most relevant marketing activities and online channels/tools to achieve your professional objectives.

Start-Up Development

We provide deep know-how in several areas, such as Design Thinking, Service Design, Web Development and technology. We help you to develop your ideas into innovative projects and products.

Websites & Landing Pages

We build websites as well as landing pages, which are the very base of your online presence. Usually a website will include all relevant information about your company, such as pictures, contact information, brief history and general information or functionalities. A Landing Page is basically focused on transforming your current traffic into leads and the leads into new clients. Such a Landing Page contains a so-called Call-To-Action, encouraging the visitor to buy the product or send a message.

Webservice & API’s

We create support tools to integrate web and mobile digital products with smart data exchange, Web Services and API’s. Our technology solutions allow the communication between multiple systems and platforms. Also, we generate the transport of information between Web Services and API integrated cloud systems and connect databases and different platform systems. By creating digital solutions we enable the possibility to modify and the accessibility of databases in real time through Web Services.

Infrastructure & Security

Thanks to our professional support and technology know-how we make sure your server stays accessible and performs at its best.

To make sure your website possesses the highest speed possible in terms of performance we configure servers. This may also include maintenance routines so we can make sure your data stays safe.

We combine Design, Web Development and Digital Strategy to make your business more successful

Agile Development, User Experience, Optimization for SEO, performance of processes. We share our 6-year background and expertise in mobile software, web development and digital marketing campaigns in a full service agency to all enterprise sizes, digital products and startups.

  • High performance web systems and platforms
  • Maintenance and development of new features
  • Integration and implementation of coorporate web systems
  • On demand development
  • Innovation, Design Thinking and Agile Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Smart technology solutions